How to Get Free Chegg Answers

How to Get Free Chegg Answers


Chegg is an internet-powered company that provides assistance to students such as textbook rental, tutoring, homework assistance, test preparations, and scholarship and internship assessment using the power of the web. The website,, gives students 24/7 access to thousands of books and literature that they might need for their studies wherever they are. Users may also get answers to their questions as well as clarify solutions to their homeworks by asking a pool of tutors that cater to a wide range of subjects and fields.


Although relatively cheaper and more affordable compared to renting textbooks in bookstores or hiring a personal tutor, Chegg requires users to sign up for a monthly trial that costs $14.99 in order to access the website’s features. This should not be a problem if the website will be used on a regular basis. However, there are some students who only need assistance with one or two questions in their homework. Thus, paying a somewhat-huge amount for just a couple of questions doesn’t sound like a good deal. And while many blogs claim to teach readers how to get free Chegg answers, their solutions often don’t work.


A simple trick on how to get free Chegg answers is by using other sites that offer similar services. One good example is School Solver at A lot of tutors listed on this website are registered Chegg users, too. Simply ask a question but do not forget to mention that the question can also be found on Chegg. That way, an interested tutor with an active Chegg subscription can simply log on to Chegg, find the answer to the question, and give it to the user. Think of School Solver as a middleman between Chegg’s pool of information and a student who has no Chegg subscription.


In order to ask a question in School Solver, though, the user must set an amount that they will pay to whoever answers the question. Although technically not free, this is a lot cheaper compared to Chegg’s subscription cost, making it ideal for users who only need answers to a few questions.

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