A review of acemyhw.com

My Awful Experience with AceMyHW.com!



I was hesitant to try a different online tutoring site because I was afraid of getting scammed. I got interested to try the process after I have read several reviews about how other students benefitted from this kind of service.

I will never forget my first experience in using this kind of service. I was loaded with difficult homework. While I did my best in most of these assignments, I decided to pay an online tutor for the rest. I wanted to get help, save time on finishing my tasks, and ace my exams — even for the subjects that I really find hard. These are the three reasons that made me choose to try out acemyhw.com.

On the homepage of AceMyHW, the three most notable lines that you will first notice are: Get help, save time, and ace class. At that time, I badly needed those three, so I immediately signed up without doing a background check first about the feedback of the site’s past clients.

This is an important step that you must not skip when trying to choose among the hoards of online tutoring sites. The fact that there are a lot of choices will make you think that this kind of venture must really be good business. Never judge a site based on what it states on its web page. It is safer to trust other people’s feedback, especially those who have tried similar services.

After registering, I was ready to ask my questions and let the experts behind AceMyHW handle my homework. I was only on my first question, but I already experienced difficulty in getting it through. I thought that it might be due to my Internet connection or maybe there were certain glitches in my laptop. I logged out and rebooted my PC. Before logging in, I cleared the cookies from my browser and made sure that there were no problems with my Internet speed.

I still had the same problems in sending my question when I logged in again at AceMyHW. I began to feel frustrated. What about its promise that I can get help within 10 seconds when I couldn’t get my question through, in the first place? While most people would do the right thing and find better sites at this point, I kept on sending my question until my patience wore off. It finally went through after I had wasted more than 15 minutes that I could have spent in trying to answer my homework on my own.

I contacted the site’s support team when I couldn’t get my question in, but I received no response. No one bothered to check on my problem until I had fixed it on my own by merely waiting and endless clicks of the refresh button.

Just when I thought that I had a bad experience in using AceMyHW, I wasn’t prepared that the worst was yet to come. Most of its tutors do not speak fluent English. I had a hard time understanding them. How could I ace my class if I could speak and write better English than my tutors? Without getting any clear answers, I decided to log out and promised myself never to use the services AceMyHW ever again.

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