Homework Market vs School Solver

School Solver vs Homework Market: The Simpler the Better


Not all of us have the ability to solve every single question/homework asked in school. You may easily answer science questions but might find it hard to write an essay. The people behind School Solver and Homework Market both understand the need of the students for online tutoring. However, even if they both offer quality homework answers, there are still differences in the services they offer.

But before we go to the differences, let’s identify their similarities. First is the variety of topics. They offer answers to a wide range of topics from simple questions about math, science, and English to more tedious and complex topics like engineering, accountancy, and finance. Secondly, both are protected by Copyscape – a tool for checking plagiarism. Answer seekers will be guaranteed that their answers are original and not lifted from any source in the internet. Lastly, they both provide a space for asking questions. When you visit either site, you will immediately locate where you can ask your question—no need register before submitting your queries.

Now, let’s specify the differences of both sites.

  1. User Interface: Simple vs Cluttered

One thing I have noticed in Homework Market is that it looks cluttered compared to School Solver. There are charts containing information about top teachers, online users, news feed, top earners, and ads. I would personally prefer a simpler user interface. What I like about schoolsolver.com is the organization of information in their website. Your eyes will be automatically drawn from the top of the page, scanning every detail down to the bottom of the page. It has a clean heading, then you would already see the pages of the site, then the space for asking questions, and other information about them. You can easily browse their site without too much unnecessary information.

  1. Buying Answers

In Homework Market, the teachers or the answer givers have the power to bid for the answer. This means you cannot negotiate for the price. It all depends to the people who want to answer your question. But in School Solver, upon asking your question, you can already place the amount of money you are willing to pay. This helps you manage your money. You will not be lured to buy answers which are above your desired budget. Also, the user who is willing answer your question will know how much money you have allotted for the assignment.

  1. Private vs Public

In Homework Market, you can send a message to the assignment solver or the question giver. However, in this site, even though you have a username, you can publicly see who is talking to whom based on the question page at the top. I would rather send someone a private message so that people wouldn’t know whom you are contacting. And since you could see each user’s profile, you can already judge their credibility when it comes to buying answers or providing quality answers. In School Solver, these conversations are kept private.

All things considered, I would choose School Solver over Homework Market any day because it is simple, organized, budget-friendly, private, and easy to use.

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