School Solver VS Study Acer

School Solver Vs Study Acer: The Battle of Homework Marketplace
One of the requirements for passing a subject or a course in school is to submit homework. It comes in all forms: book reports, analyses, dissertations, and math problems.
However, not all students are equipped with the right skills to write an essay or solve a mathematical equation. While top search engines could generate instant answers, they do not specifically give out lengthy discourse on a subject matter. Worse, they would often contain ideas that do not meet the standards required for the assignment. As a result, many students seek help from online homework marketplaces that provide answers and tutorials for those who are willing to pay a price for the assistance.
The success of this service has spawned many websites that cater to the homework needs of the students. Among them are School Solver and Study Acer.

Having reviewed them both I think it is important to have a general overview for a quick glance of the similarities and differences.
This article will compare the features of School Solver vs Study Acer in order to find out which one has the best stuff to offer. It will also serve as a guide on how each site can be utilized to its full potential.
School Solver Features
School Solver is an online marketplace for homework. It is a site which connects students to tutors who provide homework assistance for a fee. The cost of each homework order depends on the purchaser — in this case the student — and the tutor or the one who gets the job done will receive his or her payment via PayPal or Bitcoin. The site earns a commission from every answer purchased. Some of its features include the following:
• Find A User – This option helps members to find a particular user — whether he or she is a tutor or a student — so they may see his or her rating (reputation) or to simply connect with him or her for discussing the homework order in details through a private messaging feature.
• Instant Messaging – There is a chat box located at the lower right area of the screen. This allows the users to chat with online tutors and assignment solvers.
• Money-Back Guarantee – This is a totally nice offer as it makes sure that the submitted work has passed the purchaser’s standards, thus limiting the likelihood of producing irrelevant and poorly written assignments. If you were to compare School Solver vs Study Acer, it is this feature that sets the biggest difference between them.
Study Acer Features
This site has a lot of similarities with School Solver in terms of service, but here are some of the features which make it unique from the former:
• Categorized Fields – Users are provided with a list of subject codes for easier navigation and location of the answers. Each subject may contain tutorials that are available for purchase by students.
• Testimonials – Study Acer takes pride in its growing pool of tutors and this is is evident in its inclusion of testimonials made by users. You can view them on the left side of the homepage screen.
• Latest Questions – The site displays the recent queries and homework orders to make it easy for the tutors to find time-sensitive assignments so that they can work on them right away.
Comparing School Solver vs Study Acer is the best approach to knowing the pros and cons of the two sites. Regardless of their differences, they both deliver desired results for those who need homework assistance.

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