A review of being a Tutor on homeworkmarket.com

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For those who don’t know Homeworkmarket.com is one of the many online essay mills/homework answering sites that a freelance writer could choose to work for. Unfortunately, though such websites might lure in many struggling writers with the premise of earning easy money in return for writing a few papers, the reality is that those promises often end up becoming nothing more than empty words. Therefore, if you are an aspiring writer who is looking to build your career while earning within the comfort of your own home, it is best if you think twice before you apply for such writing websites. Here’s why.

1. You will become a slave to your client’s whims.

Though homeworkmarket.com might provide online tutors with the option to pick their own clients and working schedules, it is possible that when you agree to do someones homework they might start asking you for changes or a sooner deadline. Also, since you are obligated to supply your clients with unlimited revisions, you will most likely need to work for days on end until they are fully satisfied. Unfortunately, these revision requests will not bring in any added income so all your hard work and simply a way to satisfy a clients needs. Failing to do so will result in negative feedback or a rating on your profile which can be catastrophic for getting more work.

2. You are not entitled to copyright protection.

Though you will need to do all of the research and actual writing on your own, the website will typically claim all of the rights to your finished work. However, since you are writing for the benefit of your clients, the subjects and concepts that you tackle might not be of immediate interest. Regardless, it is still recommended that you take care not to put too much of yourself out there since you will not be able to stake any claim on your written works in the future.

3. Hard to get a footing in as a new tutor

Unfortunately, as mentioned above, rating and feedback are key to getting people to agree for them to do your homework. With the system in place at homework market the early adopters and first users are the ones with most feedback and ratings thus they are almost always going to be selected to do the assignments over you who has no ratings or feedback. This gives rise to the scenario where you can apply to do hundreds of questions with literally no chance of being selected to do the homework/assignment/essay.

4. You will not earn any professional writing credit.

Unfortunately, essay mills such as homeworkmarket.com are widely touted as unethical online businesses. Also, though the website might claim that they have a roster of professional writers working behind the scenes, the website possibly applies much less stringent requirements on its many applicants. This means that many of the other tutors that you could end up working with or competing against are actually non-native English speakers who are simply desperate to earn the next dime. Since such writers are likely not above plagiarizing other people’s works, having them as your colleagues will not likely benefit your writing credits or resumé.


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  1. Am really surprised that you perception of non-native speakers is that they are desperate. Let me point out to you point-blank. WE ARE NOT DESPERATE. SIMPLE.

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