How does homework market work? And a classification of sites where you can get your homework done for you

Before reading my review about homework market here, some of you might be interested in knowing more about the different sites for homework help and how they work.

Marketplace sites:

– Homework market and other sites similar to it are marketplace sites where users and tutors are connected together and you have the option of choosing who you work with and how much you pay, the due date, etc .Usually you can both ask and answer questions and get paid through paypal or other forms of payment.
School Solver  – This is my favorite site and the one I recommend most for both asking questions and making money answering homework questions

Homework Market – Definitely do not recommend this one. You can find my review linked at the top of this post

Chegg QandA – This site might be useful to some people but is really only good for short answers

Study Acer – You can find my review of this site on the left side. All right site but not that much better than the others.

Service Sites:

– Service sites are websites where you just submit your homework and somebody does it. You have no control over the quality or who does it but to be fair it is a little bit less of a hassle. If your looking to make money I highly recommend that you AVOID these sites.

Ace Homework

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