Study Acer Review – 2015

This is my review of from the viewpoint of a student

Study Acer is a rising competitor in the scene of getting your homework done for you. In this review I’ll look over some of its features so how simple it was to get my question answered and whether the quality is any good. Look to the bottom for my conclusion. SPOILER ALERT: It’s all right but there are better alternatives.


From a quick look at the site it can be seen that its overall design and quality are definitely not the top notch but not nearly as bad as homework market. The general mechanics to use the site seem simple enough though I will say that submitting the tutorial ( a question and answer at the same time) were quite confusing.

Nevertheless, I quickly was able to post my question and unlike homework market I was not bombarded with awful english speaking indians or africans. After my experience with previous sites I was more prepared for this but this was a pleasant suprise. I will give an appropriate shoutout to School Solver and Homework market for having more quality tutors than study acer.

After receiving several more applicants I decided on one who seemed to have the best english and the most reviews. My question also had a deadline of 24 hours and they said they would get in done in 12. 48 hours later I still had absolutely nothing. A quick message later finally got them to post the answer. Thankfully the fee’s were less outrageous than homework market and I was able to get my answer.

The answer that I received was allright however it was not entirely complete. Of course I asked for a refund and after much haggling and nearly a week I did get a refund (minus the fees of course :/). EDIT: After looking back it was only a couple of days. Asking around though it looks like study acer only gives refunds to US based users.


Ease of use: 8/10

Quality: 2/10

Speed: 3/10

As a quick comparison to my favorite homework solving site:

Fees: They charge .50$ for depositing any money into your account. School Solver charges none.

Anonymity: does not let you post private questions.

Refunds: School Solver guarantees that any homework answers posted are correct! Studyacer makes you give a bad rating to a tutor first after buying the answer and then maybe they’ll check into it to see if you should get a refund.

Tutor Quality: Studyacer gives the appearance of having a high amount of good tutors who have good ratings but really this comes from the fact that many of these tutors have preanswered tutorials that they post. Try getting actual help and you’ll soon learn the real truth. School Solver seems to suffer a little bit from the same scenario.

Payment method: Currently studyacer only allows paypal, while school solver allows both paypal and bitcoin

Conclusion: Once again I was disappointed by the quality of a homework solving site and recommend using something like School Solver instead. Unlike homework market which seemed to be ok for math answers I would overall avoid this site as the quality of the tutors just seemed to be decent but not the best.

4 thoughts on “Study Acer Review – 2015”

  1. It is a big time scam. dont waste your money. They dont refund a thing or they dont have a contact information. I am frustrated. cheats

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  3. At first everything seemed ok. I paid the down payment and I waited.. Good thing I double check behind them for plagerism, as it turn out, I noticed a lot of the material was not original, thus I wanted my money back…. I got it back…. The next tutor seemed to be ok , and the assignment was done on time and directions was followed throughly….. The next tutor did not follow the assignment……. I gave four day noticed and expected instructions to be followed through, instead, the tutor went up on the fee agreed, and completely went and did another title, and had the ordasity to have an attitude because I complained about when it was due, and how could you mistakenly take my title for something else…. I wanted a refund if it could not be produce on the date due…. Eventually I received a fully refund ….
    Another problem is the fee, why should a student have to pay a fee for an error on the tutors behalf…. The tutor should be held accountable for his or her actions, that way the tutor will take the assignment more seriously, and not look for a tip, and change agreed price….

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