Homework Market Review – 2015

This is my review of being a person who needs help with a question on homeworkmarket.com

Homeworkmarket.com is a service similar to most other homework solving services out there. You post a question and then you get an answer. Sometimes you have to pay up front (almost always) but when you do, your almost always guaranteed to get an answer. Here is my review on the site. For a quick summary scroll to the bottom. SPOILER ALERT: What an awful website.

Ease of Use –

Despite looking like an awful website and the constant coding errors that appear at the top and the awful spam you get from tutors begging to help you the website is decent to use. You simply go to the site and click ask a question. From there you can post your question and then people will respond. Unfortunately after that stuff goes down hill as you are bombarded with indians and africans begging to you to accept their answer. Frankly its embarrassing and annoying. As I was writing this homework market review I realized that maybe one of these guys could answer one of my question but it turns out they first message you saying that they can help you and then when they want your help, you get no response whatsoever.


Quality – As I mentioned earlier the site looks quite crappy and does not seem to work that well but in reality when all you care about is your question getting answered you don’t care about any of that. All you really care about is your question getting answered. And boy will you get a shitty answer. If you ask a math question your set just because math is such a universal language but other than that forget about it. Your going to get some sort of shitty mashed together essay that is written in broken english. Theres no way in hell it would be worth your money to spend an answer on here. Your much better off using other services.


Refunds – Good luck trying to get a refund after you’ve purchased an answer. Basically unless you’ve bought a blank question there’s no way you’ll be able to get your money back. The admins there must be from africa or somewhere as well just because they cannot realize the quality (or lack thereof) of these essays that I have purchased.


Fees – They really like to screw over the question author making you pay the paypal fee’s and such.

Overall Score – 2/10


Homeworkmarket.com is a SCAM where you will get crap answers and crap responses from the administration. No site is perfect but I would stick to something like schoolsolver.com so that the administration can get involved even if your answer is bad. I’ll review homework market again as a tutor and hopefully my experience will be better.


Edit: Bored and looking to chat with someone? Try typing in “I need help in public chat” and watch the messages come spamming in.

7 thoughts on “Homework Market Review – 2015”

  1. What do you mean the Admins must be from Africa? Are you implying Africans are thieves and illiterate. We do your homework and you get A’s you racist fagots. If you were scammed by a site take it to them don’t insult Africans. Racist bastard.

  2. I was about to fall into the scam from homework market,but almost at the something,something took me to a different website that i feel comfort with them so far.

    thanks for the review

  3. What makes you think African’s do not know how to read and write? It is unethical and racist of you to assume that people like us are retards. I understand the need to use such services, and of course homeworkmarket.com is below par, and that’s why you should consider premium sites like schoolsolver.com. I have tried them once, although they are a bit pricey compared to the latter, you get value for your money.

  4. I will be trying schoolssolver.com soon. I, however, would like to try a new site may be just for comparison.

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